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Clarus Workshops :: Human Resources & Soft Skills Workshops
Human Resources Management Systems
» New Trends in Employee Benefits Programs
» Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
» Skills and Behaviors Assessment
» Management Skills for Newly Appointed Managers
» Finance for HR Professionals : Understand the Business of your Company
» Consulting Skills for HR Professionals
Communication Skills
» Presentation Skills: Being Effective and Persuasive when Presenting.
» Assertiveness Training : Defending yourself without offending the others
» Business Communication in English : How to communicate effectively when Listening, Writing, E-mailing and English is not your first language
» Business Skills for Secretaries
» Facilitation Skills : Facilitating Meaningful and Successful Groups & Meetings
» Negotiation Skills : How do you become a Winner?
Personal Skills
» Stress & Time Management: Management Techniques that Will Help Increase Productivity, Reduce Stress and Improve Results.
» Conflict Management Skills: Dealing effectively with Difficult Situations and/or Difficult People.
» Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions in the Workplace.
» Personal Thinking and Communication Style: How We Can Make the Perfect Team by Combining Different Personalities
» Effective Team Work
Leadership Skills
» Woman Manager: What does it mean to be a woman on top?
» Development of Leadership Skills
» Change Management Skills
» Organizational Culture : How to drive results through improving organization's culture
» Coaching Skills for Managers : A strategic tool for effective Leadership

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